Sunday, April 17, 2011

so Jason's birthday is coming up on Tuesday and I called his boss to see if I could have the day off...I am going to take him away for a day trip. I have always wanted to do something like this, but never knew what he would like that I could afford... anyway, I told him about the call and for him to get his work done on Monday b/c he was off Tuesday... He did not believe me at first, but after I told him about what John, his boss, said... he started believing... He has guessed fishing trip, dog trials, messing with horses...but when he ask what to wear, I told him Sunday nite or what he would wear to Amarillo, he told Kolin they would not be able to get dirty... he is going to be very surprised!! I will have to write back to let you all know how it goes. It is not something I would necessarily enjoy, but he has talked about it for several years now, so we will see. I am really excited that I was able to think of it, and get it done.. esp because he is not very good at surprises, and he really wants to know what it is!! SHHHHHH don't tell him!

Monday, July 5, 2010

the serious side

I have been doing lots of thinking these days... I guess with school "out", I have time for such things.
Some of my thoughts have lingered on:
1. How blessed I am... husband, kids, health, friends...just to name a few.
2. How great God is... and because of this... it leads me to think on
3. How to know Him better
4. How to teach my children about Him
5. Longing to grow spiritually
6. Realizing that what we do with the time we have is of utmost importance.
**7. What we become when we are old is just a magnification of what we have focused on in this life.
**8. We put so much emphasis on control, and being right, and we need to focus on letting God have control and our "rightness" or righteousness only comes through Christ.
**9. As a wife, it is my responsibility to let my husband lead me, and even though this is what I confess I want, in reality it is much harder to accomplish.
**10. I want to go to heaven and even though the streets are made of gold, it is not always an easy journey.

Friday, July 2, 2010

learned a new trick...

So I learned a new trick and now I get to try it out. Took some photos I had of the kids, and put together a video. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mole

Kolin and Jason were playing when Jason ask me what was under Kolin's arm... I said I was not sure, maybe dirt! :)
Jason tried to "get it off". A few days later, I was gettting the kids ready for bed when I saw the spot Jason was talking about. I ask Kolin if Dad had tried to pick this off and he said yes. I told him, "Kolin, that is a mole. You have a mole.".....
Kolin promptly replied, "Is he moving?"

Funny little kid.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The other day, Kolin answered the phone and thought it was Jason. I told Jason about Kolin talking to the man on the phone thinking that it was him. He said we should hand the phone to Kolin for every telemarketer.... so yesterday...
The phone rang, the person on the phone ask for Sidney Floyd. I knew it must be a close friend since they knew Jason's legal name. Usually we tell them "no" and they ask what would be a good time to reach him. Today, I say "Just a minute".
I find Kolin and hand him the phone as if it were a call for him.
He picks up the phone and says "hello?"
Telemarketer "Sidney Floyd?"
"No this is Kolin"
"Is Sidney there??"
"Jyl, is that you?............. Jyl, (laughter from Kolin) Jyl? This is Kolin."
"May I speak to Sidney Floyd?"
"Jacy! Jacy, this is Kolin. What are you doing? K. O. L. I. N. Kolin Floyd. Jyl? is that you ?"
I take the phone thinking the poor lady probably hung up, and I hear her screaming into the phone..."May I speak to Sidney Floyd" I give the phone back to Kolin.
"Jyl, this is Kolin."
Then Kolin tells me. "Mom, I got her to hang up."
He says things backwards sometimes, but this time he was actually correct. He did get her to hang up. He never knew it was not someone he knew who called him.
I think eveyone who has access to a little kid that likes to talk constantly should allow them the opportunity to express themselves all they want every time a telemarketer calls.

I don't know if they "recorded this call for better service" but there may be a note on our number, "waste of time"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

pride goeth before the fall

Yesterday we put out some scraps for our kitties, and the neighborhood cat stopped over for a snack. Jaylee tried 2 times to run it off, but the temptation was too great for the little feline. I had seen Jason shoot Wes' bb gun so I decided it might scare the cat away.
I got the gun and it had bbs in it so that was a plus. The safety was not on (which it should have been) and I knew there was some sort of pump action.
Well, the little gun was not quite as easy to operate as I had figured, but come on, it belongs to a 7 yr old. It had to be mastered. So after some trying, I got all the sequence of things down... load bb into chamber, close chamber, pump gun sereral times, aim, and fire.
It was a success... somewhere in the "b"hind.
Well, I called my husband to brag on myself for being so resourceful, and he did not seem as impressed as I had hoped.... thus my pride.
The fall
As soon as JF got home, I got out the gun to show him how I had bagged by trophy. I commented to him that it was wierd that the gun did not sit straight. He ask me what I meant. I told him I had to twist the gun around and hold it at a crooked angle to line up the green dot in the little v on the top of the gun. He started laughing and told me to hold the gun straight and to ....(are you ready for this?) move my head. Are you kidding me? I told him my head was attached.... I knew what he meant, but it seemed easier to move the gun than to move my head. He was still laughing.

If I had not been so intent on impressing him, I would have missed the humiliation.....
isn't life fun?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

in the swing of things

we are in the swing of things here at the Floyd place. School is moving along... this is the middle of the 5th week and we are much better this year. Usually finish up before lunch and then do our History or Science after lunch together. They don't even think it is work b/c there are lots of fun activities. Jaylee is busy with 4h again and the boys can hardly wait until they are old enough to be in 4h as well. Jaylee is the President of the club this year which gives her lots of responsibility plus puts her on the council.... which she really likes. Jason loves his new job and is trying to get all the policies in place to make the feedyard more efficient. He is able to be home most every day by 6 which is wonderful.... we love seeing him more. Wes is doing great in school and has lost his 2 front teeth... only one has shown back up and it is HUGE!! Kolin is a constant source of something.... yesterday he took the training wheels off his bicycle---by himself---found the wrench, the correct wrench and took them off... now he is riding like he has been doing it all his life...born to ride.
I feel like God has blessed me above all. I have a wonderful husband, top of the line kids, some great friends, health, am able to stay home and teach my kids about God and we are able to build our life upon the words of the Almighty whos promises are sure.
I hope anyone reading this will be able to see all the blessings God has given you or has in store for you if you will only claim them. Blessings!